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Coaching is available in 4 month packages. My proven 4-step system will bring you important clarity so that you can take action and get the results that you need.


  • Complimentary initial discovery consultation

  • 45-min 1:1 sessions every 2 or 3 weeks 

  • Asynchronous support; occasional 30-min emergent need consultations

  • Psychological assessment and custom report

  • Personalized action plan

  • Progress review at midpoint

  • Corporate and individual pricing, and payment plans available. 

Leadership is about courage. It’s about finding the courage to show up and have difficult conversations, to take risks and embrace change.
~ Brené Brown

How can a coach help you? 

Coaching is an invaluable tool for professionals at every rung on the leadership ladder! I provide a trusting, safe space to explore a variety of important issues. Some of the more common topics we explore include: 

impostor syndrome

career goals

leadership effectiveness 

leadership skills

challenging work relationships


job performance


work/life integration

time management

making a career transition

exploring career options

improving interpersonal skill


improving health

feeling "stuck"

Elevate your life and leadership with my proven 4-step RISE methodology.

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Reflect & assess. 

Embark on a journey of self-discovery to uncover your unique strengths and pinpoint areas for growth. 


Inspire action.

Together, we will outline the steps to elevate your skills and design a life that reflects your ambition and desire.


Support & guidance. 

Dive into the transformative work, supported by exemplary coaching, accountability, and unwavering encouragement from me. Your success is my priority.


Evaluate & iterate. 

Review your progress and adjust our approach accordingly. 

Why choose Emotive Coaching? 

  • Proven Results: My clients don't just transform; they thrive. Explore the success stories

  • Tailored Guidance: Each individual is unique. My coaching is personalized to your needs, ensuring a tailored experience that accelerates your growth.

  • Expert Support: Backed by years of experience, I provide unparalleled expertise, guidance, and unwavering support throughout your journey.

Need a different solution? 

I deliver custom curated solutions for your organization's needs including workshops, group coaching programs, and engaging speaking engagement.

Team & Company Workshops

We design workshops that incorporate your organization's goals and address your needs. Workshops are interactive, based on the latest behavioral science, and help you achieve demonstrable results.


Possible topics include:

  • Courageous Conversations: Approaching Difficult Conversations with Courage and Resilience,

  • Leadership Launchpad: Navigating Transition with Leadership Effectiveness

  • EQ Mastery: Leveraging Emotions for a Positive & Productive Culture 

Speaking Engagements

As a former psychology professor, I am an expert at talking to crowds! I deliver engaging and insightful talks that connect with others on an emotional and intellectual level. Possible topics include impostor syndrome, emotional intelligence, aligning our work and personal values, and how the latest behavioral science can help you live a more fulfilling life. 

I am passionate about helping you unlock your potential & get results.

Evidence-based solutions for every client. 

Need another solution? Unsure of what you need or want? 

Let's talk!


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