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It's time to make 2024                year! 


Empower your mind.      Empower your body.      Empower your connections.

We'll be back in the fall of 2024! Until then, let's get you on the waitlist so you're the first to know!


Be the first to know when Fall 2024 cohort registration opens!

We only take a few to keep it highly personalized. 

A special partnership of two truly transformational experts! 

Tired of setting resolutions and never reaching them?

Want a true guide and partner to help you set and reach your goals?  

Ready for change and looking for connection

With EmpowerHER, you get
  • Monthly 1 on 1 coaching with TWO experienced doctors.

  • Monthly group coaching sessions with like-minded women.

  • A 3-month action plan tailored to meet your individual goals.

  • Weekly content, guidance, and group discussions to keep you motivated and engaged.

And with the help of not one, but TWO transformation experts AND your cohort, you WILL....
  • Create a path for a more fulfilling life

  • Identify your purpose 

  • Learn how to fuel your body, mind, and connections

  • Overhaul your mindset

  • Set and solidify new habits​ for a new YOU

  • Re-Ignite your inner spark!


Dr. Kandice Jones & Dr. Sarah Nielsen are seasoned professionals, passionate about helping you achieve your goals. 

We are tired of hearing

I can't...
I should...
I wish....


Because we know that you CAN. 

And you WILL. 

You only need the right mix of  tools, strategies, and accountability. 

Dr. Sarah Nielsen is a Leadership & Life Coach, founder of Emotive Coaching, & trusted advisor with over 20 years of experience as an industrial organizational psychologist, facilitator, and leadership expert. She specializes in helping people work through challenges, realize their potential, & pivot to live a better life. 

Dr. Kandice Jones, DNP, FNP, NBC-HWC, is a seasoned Nurse Practitioner and board-certified Health & Wellness Coach and founder of Faith Collaborative Health. Her strengths include walking alongside clients as they discover their path to motivation including how to set realistic health and wellness goals, manage any chronic health issues, plan nutritional goals, and tap into their individual physical, emotional and spiritual strengths.

Program Features

You've been waiting for this program.

No more setting resolutions and forgetting them, or half-hearted attempts at changing your life. 

No more wishing life could be different. 

No more "I should" or "I need to."

Through EmpowerHER you WILL clearly identify what you want, write an action plan to achieve it, and get the accountability you need to be successful. 

1 on 1 monthly coaching with each coach

Monthly group coaching with your cohort participants

Evidence-based strategies to help you reach your goals

Weekly first-rate virtual content delivery

Optimal habit formation over 90 days of program engagement

TWO certified coaches & doctoral-level expert facilitators 

What's the investment? 

Single payment                     $450
Payment Plan                        $500 
    (3 monthly payments of $150)

What's the value

Save $75 if you bring along a friend!

Our aim is to provide an exceptional value and experience. Most group coaching programs cost upwards of $2000, are one-size-fits-all, and only offer group coaching. Our program provides not only group coaching, but also 1:1 coaching with TWO coaches, AND weekly curated content designed to help you clarify your goals and achieve them. 

                  3 hours of 1:1 coaching                                               $600
                  3 hours of group coaching                                          $300
                  12 weeks of curated personal                                     $1000
                       change content 
                   Individualized action plan                                          $100                       
                                             TOTAL VALUE            $2000

Take your first step towards a new YOU! 
Register below to be placed on our waitlist. 

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